SBW Series High Power SBW 3-Phase 400kva Voltage Stabilizer

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SBW full auto compensatedis designed for stabilizing AC voltage and made with Western Europe advanced technology and on the basis of our country national conditions. Three phase voltage stabilizer (SBW full auto compensated) can keep output voltage in steady state automatically when the power voltage fluctuates or the load current varies.
Compared with other voltage stabilizers, it has the advantage of large capacity, high efficiency, no wave distortion, stable voltage adjustment, suitability for kinds of loads, bearing instantaneous overload, working continually for long time, as well as free transferring between manual control and automatic control, etc, besides, the three phase voltage stabilizer (SBW full auto compensated) is provided with protection against over-voltage, over current, phase failure and protection for phase sequence and has following merits: small volume, light weight, convenient installation and reliable running and so on.


The three phase voltage stabilizer (SBW full auto compensated) can be applied to large type electromechanical equipment, metal processing equipment, production line, construction device , elevator, medical equipment, equipment of light and textile industry, air-condition, TV set, household appliance and lighting used for industry, agriculture, traffic, military, railroad, scientific culture, etc, where need voltage stabilization.


Input voltage Three phase four line,Phase voltage:160V-220V, Line voltage:280V-430V
Output voltage Phase voltage:220V, Line voltage:380V
Voltage stabilizing precision ±1-5%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Respond time <1s
Efficiency >95%
Ambient temperature -10℃-+40℃
Relative humidity <95%
Waveform distortion No additional waveform distortion
Load power factor 0.8
Dielectric strength 2000V/min
Insulation resistance >2MΩ
Overload Double rated current,keep one min.