Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire Cable (OPGW)

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mainly used in 500KV, 220KV and 110KV voltage lines.



OPGW optical cables are mainly used in 500KV, 220KV and 110KV voltage lines. They are affected by factors such as power failure, safety and so on, and are mostly applied to new lines. The applicable characteristics of OPGW are:

  • High voltage over 110kV lines have large span (usually above 250M).
  • It is easy to maintain and is easy to solve for line crossing problem. Its mechanical characteristics can meet the large span of the line.
  • The outer layer of OPGW is metal armor, which has no effect on high voltage corrosion and degradation.
  • OPGW must stop power and power loss in construction, so OPGW should be used in the new high voltage line above the new 110kV.
  • In the performance index of OPGW, the larger the short circuit current is, the more need the good conductor to amour, the more the tensile strength is reduced, and the short circuit current capacity should be improved under the condition of the tensile strength. Only increase the cross-sectional area of the metal, which leads to the increase of cable diameter and cable weight, which raises safety problems for the strength of transmission line towers.

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Key Features

  • Simultaneous termination of eight twisted-pair conductors including excess trimming
  • Comfortable plastic handle grips
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Integrated lock allows tool to be stowed while not in use