Nitrotel EZ Termination Tool

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180 Degree series Keystone Jacks, Lightweight and compact



The Nitrotel EZ Termination Tool allows simultaneous termination of all eight twisted-pair cable conductors including the trimming of conductor excess which allows saving on installation time.

The EZ termination tool is a reliable termination means in confined areas, while ensuring precise and consistent termination of all pairs due to the precise calibrated mechanism.

Nitrotel EZ termination tool is designed to work with the following Nitrotel keystone jacks:

  • NT1805EXXSL
  • NT1806EXXSL
  • XX = BU, RD, WH, BL, YL, GN

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Work area product


Key Features

  • Simultaneous termination of eight twisted-pair conductors including excess trimming
  • Comfortable plastic handle grips
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Integrated lock allows tool to be stowed while not in use