Nitrotel Aisle Containment Solution

Offer limits

IP20 and IP55 solutions,  rack capacity 42,45 U, 600 / 800 mm rack width, 1000/1200 mm rack Depth



Nitrotel Datacenter Server Cabinets are designed for providing Hot Aisle, Cold Aisle and its containment structure.

Additional information

Work area product

Aisle Containment

Key Features

  • Maximum performance for cooling of IP20 and IP55 solutions.
  • Wide Range of cabinet sizes and ample variety accessories.
  • Maximum inner space for servers
  • Minimum environmental space requirement
  • Professional cable management
  • Heavy duty structure
  • Compatibility with all vendors’ servers
  • High technical performance; grounding continuity
  • Power/Energy Management,
  • Controllable and reliable security by monitoring
  • Aesthetic and professional view