[NTFP-000] FTTH Fiber Optic Faceplate

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FTTH Fiber Optic Faceplate, 2 ports, Weight: 31G, two-port desktop box mainly by the cover, the bottom box. Box structure shown in Figure (86*86)


NTFP-000 FTTH Fiber Optic Faceplate (86*86) with industry standards YD / T2150-2010 requirements. Suitable for multi-type module installation, applied to the work area wiring subsystem to complete the dual-core fiber access and port output, providing fiber fixed, stripping, splicing and protection devices, and allows a small amount of redundant fiber inventory, FTTD (fiber to desktop) system applications. The box is made of high quality plastic ABS injection molding, anti-collision, flame retardant, strong impact resistance. Has a good sealing and anti-aging properties, protection of information at the exit of the cable, played a similar role in the screen. Can be installed on the wall.

Additional information

Work area product


Key Features

  • Internal use of single-layer structure design, can be installed cold junctions, fiber field connectors, welding protection casing and other parts to meet a variety of fiber optic cable (especially the introduction of fiber optic cable) installation mode of operation.
  • Box has two square holes, can achieve the adapter fixed, can also be fixed outdoor cable, leather line cable fixed, cold junction fixed, pull more than 50N, fixed and reliable.
  • Embedded frame, installation, easy disassembly, with a protective door, with a certain dust function.
  • With suitable fiber SC, LC simplex duplex and other different environments of the installation, concealed panels. All modules can be configured according to customer selection.
  • Desktop box winding column for the arc, to ensure that placed in the fiber optic cable in the external force will not cause damage, affecting the communication quality.
  • Box can store a small amount of butterfly cable, through the wire ring in the box placed in an orderly manner, fully meet the requirements of fiber bending radius.


Product main performance:

  • Applicable environmental requirements:
  • Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃
  • Humidity: ≤ 95% (+ 40 ℃)
  • Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa ~ 108KPa Size
  • Size: 86(W)×86(H)×25(D)mm.
  • Weight: 31G
  • Structure: two-port desktop box mainly by the cover, the bottom box. Box structure shown in Figure.